DJ Madds began his musical career at the age of 11 - when Hip Hop and Electro were a forceful influence...

He has followed the changing styles through the 80's and 90's and onwards - experimenting with as much as he could expose himself to. This diversity has enticed him into embracing his own sound.

His DJ-ing career has seen him grace many a stage across Europe - performing with Jazzie B, Scratch Perverts, Blak Twang, The Herbalizer, Giles Peterson, DJ Cam, Jazzanova Collective, Roni Size and The Pharcyde.

His 29 years as a DJ cover Pirate & Licenced Radio, D.M.C Competitions, Remixing and Production, and A&R / Management. He has also been a member of some 5 bands including, CCQ, Quantum Deluxe, Urban Decor and his own project Manic Compression which is also his Record Label.

Madds released his much anticipated EP "The Twisted Truth" in 2000.

The EP is a subtle blend of all the veins of music that have influenced him and that have established him as one of the country's foremost DJ's and producers. His motives in writing are not just to create a piece of music that others can enjoy it is also to move them emotionally.

To add to his extensive repertoire, Madds has also Remixed tracks for System Vertigo, from which the first single has had massive media coverage; including "Liquid News - BBC," and air-play on XFM. Madds' contribution to the single has charted in the major DJ related mediums; covering magazines and dancefloor Top 10's internationally.

DJ Madd's Tour Experience covers several continents with the Bristol outfit "Monk and Canatella" as both the Tour DJ, and as an integral member of the band including: Fukuoka, Japan (covering the G8 Summit - representing England) the world reknowned Glastonbury Festival (for several consecutive years, on many stages.) The Trans Music Festival (France) also the Melody Maker Tour of Great Britain, plus the Carling sponsored British Tour, again with Melody Maker and also the Ashton Court Festival (Bristol) as the headlining band.

Madds has played across the European festivals and has had on-going radio and television coverage including Radio-1 Evening Sessions for the Steve Lamacq Show.

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26th Oct 2013 The Essential Sessions @ The Shakespere Bristol.

9th Nov 2013 Private Party @ 93 Feet East London.

29th March 2014 The Essential Sssions @ The Shakespere Bristol.

13th June 2014 The Essential Sessions @ The Shakespere Bristol.

26th & 27th July 2014 Hilters Farm - Festival Gloucester.

25th & 26th july 2015 Hilters Farm Festival Gloucester

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Welcome to the updated site!

2010 Saw madds return to his hip hop roots with a new Hip Hop Project with bristols brubaker, this turned into a years worth of work, a lot of laughs and long hours in the studio.

When they set about writing this album, they didn't set out to evelove hip hop or make a vein atempt to save it, Because as far as they where concerned it didn't need saving. So they got to thinking,

Why not make a 21st Century U.K Hip Hop Album that sounds like something from the golden era of rap, But using samples from the seventies and eighties? What would that sound like?

Well we will let you decide what it sounds like, but rest assured there will be moments when you are sure that you've heard that sample before...But you just can place it. the LP "The Ninth Configuration" and "the drop the bottle E.P" are free to download from this site...

I also finished my own "The Fifth Element EP" which is available as promo only at present.

Im also back on the case with my solo LP "Smoke And Mirrors" Its been over five years in the writing stage but I'm finally happy with the tracks that I've got.

Its a Hip Hop Based Experimental Project with lots of different influences heavy on the Strings, Bass, Beats, Breaks, Synths, 808's and whatever else I could find from the Dark Side!

There's some Cross Genre Tracks with no Samples which is why it's taken a while I'm now at the stage of getting the Final Mixes together to finish the Project in 2020.

More news soon!

DJ MADDS Feb/March 2019